Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two roads diverged in a wood..

Among the worries of this quarter's midterms and papers in my head have been even more swarming thoughts of schooling - past, future, and that in a parallel universe, or universes.
More specifically the latter.

To think I could be anticipating my enrollment in dentistry school in July rather than trying to figure out if I should even be taking summer school to rid of lower div courses. I could be 3,000 miles away studying journalism and science at the same time, instead of reconsidering my sad, delayed attempt at a double major. I could be just 35 miles from LA, alongside some of the brightest scientists in the country; instead I'm 35 miles from Claremont, lost among some of the brightest students of the state. 21 miles from home and I could've gotten a degree with more of a brand name, for my parents' and future's sake. Less than 10 miles away was a double degree, one possibly from one of the best journalism schools in the nation, the other of the current bane of my existence, along with a guaranteed bid to dentistry school, as was the case with Boston.

How was this first seeded of 14?
I can't seem to remember what compelled me to arrive here.

.. and I took the one:
a) less traveled by.
b) more frequented.
c) that I'll always question.

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