Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello, my name is:

Let me introduce myself.

Claire. 20. Korean. Burlingame. UCLA '11.

I'm a periodic insomniac. I take melatonin when I'd rather dream the impossible than think the ineffable. My sleeping habits are the bane of my existence. I should get that checked.

I have neuroses, but who doesn't? Coffee cups and sleeves need to be aligned upon receiving and photos must be filed in a certain manner on my computer. Most else is free game - I am not a neat freak, though I have lapses, nor am I organized, but I do know where my possessions lie.. at least most of the time.

I am not girlfriend material. At least not from a girlfriend's perspective. Not enough can be said on that matter.

I am easily absorbed as well as disinterested.

I rely on two people - both of which I can't say do on me.

I find it hard to trust people entirely. I speak a lot, even to the biggest mouthed, but cannot for the life of me share all. Thank goodness for blogs.

I read and write when I shouldn't, such as now. Peak literacy occurs when I should be focused on school. I'm well aware of it too. My vice, my kryptonite. Learning a disregarded virtue.

I don't like to share creativity. Ideas, stories, especially feelings, I wish I could keep locked in forever. Perhaps it's the reason I hate to share the people in my life. But I'm also passive-aggressive. Whatever you want flies since I'm incapable of voicing opposition.

I am far from perfect. Then again, show me someone who isn't.

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Daniel said...

herro there insomnia bear